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September 8, 2016
June 10, 2017
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The talented 2018 graduates attended classes, read books on leadership, tested their new skills in gaming simulations with fluid rules, and learned about the ColdPoint business from sales to facilities and from customer service to warehousing 101.  In addition, they devoted many hours to a group project with real-world business impacts.  In the process, they closely examined existing ColdPoint programs, considered alternative approaches, compared costs, evaluated the impact on Team Members, calculated return on investment (ROI), and quantified the overall impact of these programs on our business.


After launching their recommended improvements, this group of eighteen new and innovative leaders will save ColdPoint over $100,000 annually.


ColdPoint Logistics aims to create world-class facilities and a world-class business culture.  In that pursuit, we recognize we must continue to educate our current leaders while developing new leaders to meet our future needs as our business continues to expand.


Last year, with that goal in mind, more than thirty Team Members applied for our 2018 LDP course.  We promised program participants challenging classwork, complex homework assignments, and in-depth projects during a six-month journey of discovery and growth.  We delivered.


Their course work routinely yanked them out of their comfort zones and required learning a host of “soft” skills, including effective communications, empathic coaching, and servant leadership techniques.  The participants also studied project management and budgeting and how to promote a strong, safety-oriented culture.


The next iteration of the Leadership Development Program will launch in February 2019 with eighteen fresh faces, beginning an equally challenging journey.  The 2018 graduating class has also elected to continue to build on their knowledge base and will embark soon on a follow-on course.  We also have three participants who will be attending their first year of the Global Cold Chain Alliance WFLO Institute in Los Angeles this year. 


Congratulations to all!

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Congratulations to our 2018 LDP Graduates!