Kansas City enjoys geographic proximity to one of the major pork corridors which spans from southern Minnesota to northern Missouri, the major beef producing states of Kansas and Texas, and key broiler production areas in northwest Arkansas and central Missouri. It is no coincidence that the primary cereal crop production region in the United States substantially overlaps the protein corridor. Simply put, this corridor is one of the best places on the planet for agricultural products and protein production.

"ColdPoint takes care of all our accounts' individual needs. Their Team's excellent attention to detail and quick response to any change, or need, makes up a great and consistent customer experience." - Rachel Hawkins, former Tyson Foods Regional Warehouse Manager



ColdPoint was formed to leverage this geographic advantage with a vision of storing and transloading agricultural products closer to their production locations which allows greater flexibility in serving end users, whether domestic or international.

Transportation costs represent a significant portion of total distribution and logistics expenses. However, ColdPoint Logistics is strategically located at Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC), allowing a reduction in transportation costs through lower drayage charges and more truck turns.



LPKC's established heavyweight corridor allows fully loaded trucks with weights up to 96,500 pounds, allowing cargo owners and shippers to reduce the number of trainloads required to bring products to market, reduce domestic trucking mileage, reduce reliance on cold storage at port facilities, and reduce heavyweight domestic drayage within the port complexes.



We are a TRUE INLAND PORT which means that containers are inspected by the USDA here at ColdPoint and are not opened again until they reach their final destination. Our customers avoid the delays and costs associated with transloading at the ports.


ColdPoint Logistics’ robust warehouse management system coordinates complex activity processes efficiently and cost-effectively. We are positioned to scale up with the system to meet all 3PL activity including high volume case selection operations.





Through our state-of-the-art robust WMS, you will have 24/7 access to your inventory with complete piece-of-mind from time of receipt to time of delivery from our facility.  Food Safety Tracking is built in and fully compliant, tracking reports account for 100% of a specified item and lot number within seconds! Our WMS is EDI and SAP compatible, allowing us to boost productivity. Regular upgrades ensure we remain an industry leader and to ensure consistent service delivery to our customers.





Our LMS uses industrial engineering techniques to establish time standards (engineered standards) based on the complexity of the work (distance, time, reach, etc.). A “target time” is then calculated for us to assign a work set and the actual performance assessed against the target time. The ability to assess actual work against an accurate and objective target allows us to understand and improve performance. Optimized workforces also enables labor forecasting to maintain consistent best in class service.





Our YMS provides complete control over our trailer yard. Trailer locations are tracked in all yards (local, remote, customer sites) using manual, wireless mobile computers and auto ID technologies thereby eliminating the high costs of lost trailers. Shunting activities are controlled and monitored to ensure that all pick-ups and drops are done efficiently resulting in increased asset utilization and operating cost.